AmaZix's Epic AMA with GoChain $GO 🚅

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Crypto Sally of AmaZix interview with Jason Dekker, CEO of GoChain. Head of one of the most well-rounded teams in crypto and blockchain tech— Jason shares some exciting announcements about the GoChain platform for the first time.

Notable AMA Highlights

  • Team background and new hires
  • New partnerships
  • New ICO's
  • New nodes and signer rewards
  • Plan to bring on "more non-blockchain companies" as PoR nodes
  • $GO adoption
  • Ethereum compatibility and interoperability
  • Exciting future plans of GoChain

♨️ This AMA received 5,000+ youtube views in just a couple hours!

What is GoChain?

An Ethereum $ETH compatible platform with an active mainnet that's 100x faster and requires less that 1% of the energy required to mine $ETH. GoChain's mainnet is live and ready for Ethereum Dapp developers to enjoy an instant performance boost. Visit for more info.

$GO is my #1 #HODL! 😎🔒🚀🌚

How to Buy GoChain $GO?

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice.
Download the GoChain Whitepaper

Buy $GO on KuCoin Exchange Safely and Easily

  • Open a free account at
  • Secure your account with 2FA (Google Auth.)
  • Deposit Cryptocurrency ($ETH, $BTC, $NEO etc.)
  • Buy $GO and hop on the $GO 🚅

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