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We are CoinSmith mining!

Our purpose is to service and keep informed other cryptocurrency enthusiast and beginners. We are passionate about the movement that blockchain technologies bring, and believe that blockchain should be shared and implemented with the world regardless of the status, location, language, and resources.

So whether you are new or experienced, a miner, staker, trader, hodlr, or just buying to invest! We have tried hundreds of platforms and coins, and support project with well developed communities and devoted developers.

Just a few exchanges we have tried, and everyone knows!


Expansive and growing altcoin exchange, with the largest variety and existing market and trade volume! We noticed that they recently removed some dead coins, and the Doge market is a


Trade Bitcoin, Neo and other altcoin easily on the Binance Exchange Mobile App!
Large Exchange offering Dividend Payouts through 50% of all trade fees for holding Kucoin! Me

So many new opportunities, let us know what you have tried, and find out what cryptos and services we have tried! Learn which sites and apps are scams and which are legit!!! Send us a comment and will will share are experience ...
We have deleted with 100's of platforms exchanges and application s..!
Also currently running this GoCash contest submit yours now!!!! To earn GCASH received_257626138209100.jpeg.

Really want to know what is going to happen with DVD Divenden.Cash . It's a MN POS coin
What is Masternode
A computer that processes transactions on the blockchain, which is then rewarded with coins from the blocks created.”

In blockchain technology, there are three commonly-known types of nodes: the ordinary node, the full node, and the masternode.

The difference between a masternode and a node are their responsibilities.

Dividend.Cash (DVD) -

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