Rip off 2.0? Please people, do your research. You Steemians know what Steve's talking about..

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There are many people out there still buying the BitConnect token (BCC) so that they can use it to purchase their share of the BitConnectX ICO. Please do your research and invest responsibly.

Look into the history of what happened to those who invested their Bitcoin into the BitConnect Lending Platform, and ask yourself where all that Bitcoin went. So now those same people want to hold an ICO and take in your hard earned coins?

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I feel bad for people that fell for bitconnect, even though there were a million red flags. But whoever falls for BCCX, their fault.

This shows us how imature is our market and that education is needed. We need projects like AltcoinBuzz for this. Keep on the good work.

So the more important question is....What happened to Carlos? This guy is famous (for all the wrong reasons lol) We need to find this guy...Save him!!!

People opening there bitconnect wallets now days. yIxNOXEMpqkqA.gif

Very Informative Thank-you!!

Thanks so much Kephawalks for the Steem you sent us, amazing!!!!!

I Would Have Sent More But I Just Don't Have Enough..

I think it would be totally crazy if someone invested in this after the whole bittconnect scandal. These people are going to keep rebranding the same types of products to rip people off . I wish these people were not in the crypto space at all but that’s life. They steal from paul to pay Peter then take the next guys stuff to pay Peter his return so in the end when they decide to close the lending platform everyone gets screwed except the founders who sell off before they close at all time highs. Sorry for the rant.

great video steve. better to warn these new people of possible scams. its hard to come back from. i hope everyone learns a lesson here. keep up the good work guys at @altcoinbuzz

Not to mention there was just a class-action lawsuit filed against Bitconnect. I wouldn't expect to see them around much longer, even with BitconnectX or whatever it is lol

thanks for important info

I was one that fell for the scam. The sad part is I fell for another one shortly afterward from a rec from a co-worker. in total thx Im only out $200. KEEP AWAY FROM BITREVERSE.IO

It's really hard to believe. They must be selling a load of rubbish to their users.

It baffles me to see them launching this ICO. They made an enormous amount by what was clearly a ponzi scheme and apparently there are still people who belief in their projects.

Keep up the good work informing the masses fellas. Everybody is looking to make a quick buck and they are willing to risk it all on garbage like bitconnect

Good Info, thanks.
I think most of those individuals promoting it know it's a scam but they have a following and know they will still get rich by getting people to sign up under them. So they don't care, they are still getting their money.


Lmaoo love the thumbnail 😂