Just does a double-take from last year's face-off with Stellar Lumens and Ripple!

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One of the most influential individuals in cryptocurrency, Jed McCaleb is a key player in the development of both Ripple and Stellar Lumens. Ripple went in the direction of providing services to banks and Stellar Lumens stayed under the radar also developing tokens on its application developer platform.

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Well modernizing the current banking system is not the POINT of crypto. I prefer a SLOWWW one and decentralized instead of a fast one and centralized....

As big as the banks are I dont think they are going anywhere and this is why Ripple is so valuable. Banks will give in to crypto, now they are going to do it when its too late and have lost tons of customers. Banks will have parts of their businesses be decentralized but just not completely. The transferring of funds in just second to minutes vs days to weeks should be enough to turn them on to crypto.

Well the point would be to make banks useless. I mean, what would be their purpose in a decentralized world when they are the very definition of centralization....

I agree with you. I just don't think we can get rid of banks 100%. If it did happen it would take decades upon decades. Banks are like mosquitos they are always around and biting us in the ass.lol. We need more crypto projects focused on mortgages, loans ( we have some already but not bitcconect, lol), and non hackable store of value so that our paychecks can get direct deposited onto them without worrying about our money being stolen. Then I believe we would be on our way to full decentralization. I know alot of hard work is being done by these engineers and scientists who are working towards that. All we can do is wait.

I know the whole point of crypto is to be decentralized but I do believe if more banks get into it it will be more widely adopted by people who are critical of it as of right now. I don’t agree with it all being centralized at all cause it then it defeats the whole purpose but if I can’t bring more stable money in go for it.

Great to see stellar moving this quick. I have sold half of my position. Resteemed.

I've have Stellar! LTC looking great too!

@altcoinbuzz I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube for a while now guys, keep up the great work! Always very informative and honest information, I’m heavy on electroneum but am learning something new every day about other ICOs and platforms which also have massive potential for growth this year. I am a self employed tattooist but part time crypto enthusiast/anarchist lol, seriously though I have just followed you on here now so will be contributing to your blogs as much as I can inbetween clients :)

If anybody likes tattoos then feel free to follow me for lots more to come in 2018! Peace guys, have a great weekend!


thanks Gav

#stellar will go far due to the decentralized aspect. the point of cryptocurrency is to get any from banks and governments. the more fingers they put into it the less people will want to associate with it. i hope ripple drops off the top ten so people stop investing and using it.

thanks jeff for the great jokes and congrats on all the twitter followers. keep up the awesome content and videos. when are we getting the next podcast??

I just can't believe that the poor guy put his whole savings into Tether! Wow - I think people don't know what Tether really is! We all should read White Paper before investing and put our money into several projects, not just one!

I think stellar will leave ripple in the dust. Ripple has took a turn for the worse lately.