ConcertVR: A New Revolution to Music Industry

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Nearly everybody wants to appreciate music. Be that as it may, without a doubt, each individual might want to visit the show of his most loved craftsman. For specific reasons, only one out of every odd devotee of an artist can get to the show. Among the quantity of impediments that keep watchers from getting a charge out of the show of your most loved craftsman, you ought to determine:

  • the mind-boggling expense of tickets;
  • the constrained limit of the settings;
  • fast ticket deals;
  • shows are held just in major urban communities;

This prompts the way that the profit of craftsmen is restricted, as is constrained to the capacity of watchers to get to the occasion. Another platform called ConcertVR will take care of this issue and give a chance to appreciate the shows of the most popular entertainers in computer generated reality.



Among the fundamental destinations of the designers of this venture ought to be featured:

  • allowing the gathering of people the chance to appreciate the show of your most loved craftsman from anyplace on the planet;
  • make a boundless number of show tickets;
  • allowing the gathering of people the chance to pick their very own place at the show;
  • giving clients data about the song and artist online;
  • giving the chance to see the show whenever;
  • furnishing entertainers and show organizers with a decent income.

Furthermore, the client will have the capacity to tell on interpersonal organizations which of the shows he is seeing, and welcome them to talk about the occasion and offer.

This platform will permit specialists and show coordinators to move tickets in boundless amounts, move their own recordings and set their very own costs, and additionally track the genuine number of watchers and their own pay.

Installment for administrations will be done solely by CVT tokens, which can be bought amid the ICO, and in addition after its fruition straightforwardly on the site. Both Fiat and digital currency can be utilized to purchase CVT coins on the platform.


Principle of Operation

The ConcertVR platform, in light of Blockchain innovation, permits to take care of every single existing issue in the show circle. This platform will have various administrations and items that will make the music business commonly valuable for music fans, show coordinators and entertainers themselves.

To communicate shows on the web, and in addition for the ensuing clearance of recordings in the fan zone, the corridor, in front of an audience and in the background will be found cameras that record all occasions. On account of this, every guest will be capable not exclusively to appreciate the occasion itself, yet in addition to look off camera and experience the fervor that specialists confront each time. It is important that these cameras won't unfavorably influence the procedure of the occasion.

Watching communicates and recordings can be completed by clients with the assistance of a specific application concertVR, which can be utilized in computer generated reality gadgets, and also on PCs, cell phones, tablets and SmartTV.

Final Thoughts

Making a platform that enables you to appreciate a show of your most loved craftsman with the assistance of augmented reality glasses is an extremely fascinating thought. ConcertVR will have the capacity to pull in a multi-million group of onlookers, concerning just 30 euros fans will be capable not exclusively to watch the show in the principal columns, yet in addition motivate the chance to get in the background. For comparison, the expense of an outing from another city to a show would be a lot higher than this sum.

ConcertVR will likewise display and craftsmen, who wish to get most extreme pay from their tunes. This task will be particularly alluring for show coordinators, as the quantity of tickets will be boundless. That is the reason the ConcertVR venture merits the consideration of financial specialists. It is likewise imperative to focus on the way that the Pre-ICO brought $ 2.5 million up in only 4 days.


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