eth,trx coin 24h high low price news

in #altcoin3 years ago

xrp coin 24h high low price:
total marketcap 3,304,819 btc/$25,260,986,676 usd
24h vol 41,899 BTC
total supply 99,992,075,773 xrp

bittrex exchange:
last price 0.00008429 btc/$0.64
24h high price 0.00008500 btc
24h low price 0.00008205 btc
total vol 346.51000000 btc

eth coin:
total marketcap 7,758,386 BTC
24h vol 250,336 BTC
total supply 99,833,692 ETH
current price 0.07771310 BTC


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