Oxycoin - The Easiest Way to Buy Cryptocurrency with Fiat

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Market Cap - $18,369,543 USD
Price - $0.217133 (0.00001229 BTC)
Supply - 84,600,421 OXY

Oxycoin is a one stop shop for investing into cryptocurrency. The first target of the OXY team is completing the mobile platform, for both iOs and Android, which will allow people to purchase cryptocurrencies directly with their specified fiat. Imagine funding your wallet with something as easy as PayPal. Then once funded you decide which coins to spend that balance on. It's a mobile wallet for multiple currencies. The platform will manage all of your wallets and passcodes and link them to a Global Address Book.

What is this Global Address Book? When you create an account on the OXY platform you will sign up a user name. That name will be automatically linked to all of your individual wallets within the app. If you want to send me some Bitcoin, you send it to @oregonpop. If you want to send me Ethereum or Litecoin... you send it to @oregonpop. Since the app manages all of your accounts linked to your personalized address there is no need to send people the long, easily mismanaged public key to receive a payment. You can, of course, use the public key or QR code to receive payments but it's no longer a necessity within the app.

Oxycoin was founded by two crypto veterans. Jan and Seatrips were both on board with the RiseVision team contributing work before they decided to break off and start Oxycoin. They continue their relationship with the people of Rise, and there are multiple people that are working with both teams. Though currently small, the team has proven to provide results.

Not many people have heard of OXY and it's ranked #275 on coinmarketcap.com. Since it's still so small in visibility, it's only on two exchanges: Livecoin and Bit-Z, and it was only just added to Bit-Z yesterday.


BLOCK TIME: 15 sec
ICO: 75M (10M coins kept by team, 15M reserved for bounties and airdrops)

If you're looking to getting into a new smaller cap coin, I recommend looking into OXY a little more. Plus dPOS rewards are awesome!

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Good morning

sounds more like a drug than a coin


lol that's what comes up when trying to research it. Both Google and YouTube come up with a couple Oxycoin videos among all of the Oxycontin ones.

and when can this be used to purchase fiat?


There is no time frame for the Fiat gateway, as was made clear by the team from the get go. They did get rejected a lot by financial institutions because most don't want to deal with cryptocurrencies but here's a quote from the newsletter

Fortunately, Jan and Roger built a great relationship with ING Bank Netherlands after a few live meetings and a lot of phone calls. ING Bank is willing to look at our request. As soon we have more to report about the progress on this subject we will share that with the community. The plan is that ING Bank will accept us as a customer so we can provide iDEAL payment options and other services in our Mobile App.