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Hi Steemians


Guys the Chaincoin is gaining traction again. Its up 70% only today so far. The community behind the coin is growing and they are building big buy order walls.

The higher the price goes the better return the guys with masternodes get, so they have an incentive to grow the price.

At the beginning I thought this is one big pump and dump but it is not. The community tries to push out the whales to gain total control of the coin.

I believe the price will rocket to far beyond our imagination.

If you want, get involved. Buy Chaincoin and hold on to them (HODL!!!!)

The community is aiming to push the price to $100 and then a $1000.

There will be a lot of negative people but I got in and planning to buy more coins.

See you on the flip side.

Happy trading/investing


everyone's unsure at the moment. looks like it got dumped a bit

My personal opinion....This coin will reach new heights soon. There will always be people dumping, but the community is growing behind the coin. Sooner or later some whales will jump behind the coin and Hodl along. Be patient and buy on the dips.

They are pushing to choke the supply. By buying and holding we are getting rid of the big guns. The more people buying smaller amounts the better. We don't want 5 guys owning 60% of the coins.

HODLing with my master node :)

i try to set up my MD right now with MAC, any tips on that? I am not technical and seems quite complicated.

Great stuff. Wish I had a 1000 coins. I have no idea how to setup a master node.

I've got chaincoin and HODLing :)

Great stuff