# 7 ANTSHARES (ANS) - STILL A GOOD DISCOUNT!!! - UPDATE 2steemCreated with Sketch.

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Hi Steemians

Yesterday I said I am waiting for a bullish confirmation:


Bullish confirmation formed. Price pulled back a bit so it is a wonderful time to add to my ANS position. If you are a short term trader a good take profit level would be at 0.00384082 for a potential gain of 50-53%.

Please always remember that this is purely my own assessment and trading progress. Use at own risk.

Happy trading/investing


Why invest in antshares when you can invest in beehive or anthill?

I dont know the two. Enlighten me please? Would really like to know.

Happy trading/investing

lol I was only kidding. I think antshares is an interesting play. Can it really compete with Ethereum though?

I just thought by myself that I've missed an entire ship passing by. HAHA. Well only time will tell. I only accumulate on pullbacks at critical levels. I like the rig that you built. I wish I could build something like that but what I know of building things are extremely dangerous. HAHA