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Good day Steemians

My technical update on Antshares:


For me it is the absolute best time to invest in more Antshares. The price is currently at the 61.8 Fibonacci level. I am waiting for a bullish confirmation to buy into more Antshares. This is a very critical level, so if I see a bullish confirmation such as a bullish engulfing candle, I will invest. The previous day's candle showed a rejection of price at lower levels which is a positive sign.

Lets make money.

Happy Trading/Investing


Nice call but don't you want to wait until the market moves pass its current state of FUD due to the bitcoin fork? Just feels like everything could crash at any moment and ANS is still up a crazy percentage.

Everything is speculation. What I do is buying at key levels and hold on!!!! I dont sell because I dont have to set stop losses like in Forex. Sometimes if you wait you miss the boat.

Happy trading/investing

Antshares would do a lot better if there was only once currency. No one know whether ANS or ANC will do better in the long run

That is true, but in the long run I think you will make good money on both.

Happy trading/investing

I've put my first trade order in for Antshares!

Great stuff

May I ask at what price level you have entered your order?


So is it true that antshares can only be bought ad whole shares? If so why?

Do you mean buy in increments of 1? I buy Antshares on Bittrex.

No. I'll look into it a bit more. I don't know how to wotd my question.

Please do let me know.

@nixeus , @feelsomon Antshares can be bought in any size but be careful when you withdraw from bitrex to your antshares wallet because only whole shares will be transferred and the rest will be lost.

For example if you have 10.80 ANS in bittrex and you want to withdraw, if you fill 10.80 in the amount field, they will take 0.35 ANS as a fee and you will get only 10 ANS, the rest 0.55 ANS will simply be lost.

So, in conclusion, you should fill the amount with X.35 ANS and whatever is left just keep it in bittrex or convert it to another coin and withdraw after.

Thank you. This is very helpful. Cheers