What is Libereum?

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Libereum (LIBER) is an ERC20 Token which will initially focus on building a network of users in the sports industry and by doing so bring crypto to the masses. In other words, we aim to create a new economy in and around the sportclubs where our Liber token is the leading currency.

This is, by far, the shortest version of the answer “What is Libereum?”. Because Libereum is so much more than just another token that promises and has yet to deliver.


Our aim is to start with a network of connected football clubs

Libereum is a vision

Libereum wants to break the system where crypto is reserved for the lucky few and perhaps even the elite. We want to make crypto accessible for the masses giving everybody a chance to participate in and maintain their own economy ruled by themselves and not by the institutes that rule the old debt-based economy. Unfortunately, Bitcoin has become another playground for the powers that be as they see the true potential of cryptocurrencies.

It’s imperative that we, the people, keep playing our role in the debt-based economy so that it can be maintained. Without participants it would become unsustainable to begin with. A quick glance at the Bitcoin wallets and trade volumes teaches us that Bitcoin has indeed become another playground for the haves as only 5% of all wallets have over 80% of the total market in hands.

This is far away from the purity and the idea of self-empowerment behind Bitcoin and crypto in general as it was developed to oppose exactly that what it has become now. Ruled by the few it has become a whale’s game. We still believe in the true power of crypto and have concluded that with the right approach this could truly become the gamechanger everybody is waiting for.

From the start not ruled by the few but by the many, across the world not bound by borders but connected through their passion:

The love for Sports.

Libereum is the future

Although we had a rough year we managed to overcome everything that came on our path and we can honestly say that we have become much stronger and more educated. The journey so far was eventful to say the least but we all know that Rome wasn’t build in a day. Many well known companies faced greater issues as we did and still managed to become the leading brand in their category. Apple had to be saved by Steve Jobs, Netflix lost almost all their subscribers and even Lego almost went bankrupt. Not giving up seems to be the key whereas quitting would have been “easier”.

We feel that quitting is never an option so we are focussed on what the future can and will bring Libereum and all the Liberians alike. To be able to picture exactly what we imagine we have set milestones which we aim to achieve. These are different from the milestones we mentioned on the whitepaper and are known to the all Liberians.

Our milestones pretty much resemble the steps to take to achieve something incredible. Our first milestone is to set up communities in different parts of the world. The reason behind this is simple; Libereum is for the people and uses the most popular sport on the planet to achieve our goals. It would be stupid not to focus on building communities around the world.

At this very moment we have 14 people working around the clock building a network of communities. The first actived communities with their own community managers are Ghana and Vietnam. Next we are expecting to launch the Indian community (next to our active official channels of course).

Alongside the launch of these communities we are in talks with several advisors, influencers and crypto marketing agencies. We aim to create a community in every corner of the world and said parties will be the hands on deck to reach every corner.

Libereum is Passion

An idea is no more than output from a thinking process. A thought. A dream. Without people believing and having faith in the idea it would stay in the mind of the creator and soon pass to become a memory.

We not only believe and have faith in Libereum but choose to act in such matter that it will become a way. We are the first people to follow the dream that was to become Libereum and we have chosen to spread and share the passion we feel for Libereum. Libereum is not a cheap shot at someone’s hard earned money but a way to expand and extend happiness. It’s meant to bring people together using their favorite sportsteam, the one thing they are passionate about, as a vessel.

We believe in bringing happiness to the people and spreading some knowledge down the road. Knowledge of cryptocurrencies for example. And we are passionate about it. In fact we are so passionate that we work almost day and night to achieve the perfect outcome.

The more we can spread that passion the more successful Libereum can and will become. One of the ways to share our passion is setting up seminars in different parts of the world. Libereum aims to be available and reachable through all kinds of channels. For the seminars we choose to have Official Libereum Ambassadors. These ambassadors are mostly people like everybody else who are queally passionate about Libereum.

You too can become an Ambassador for Libereum. Just contact one of our admins on our Telegram or Facebook.

You see, without people Libereum would be nothing. It would eventually become a memory in the mind of it’s creator. But thanks to the spirit of some core employees and firm believers Libereum is far from becoming a memory and healthier then ever. Ready to become world’s greatest crypto currency company.

Libereum is You

And you too can become part of Libereum by joining the network.

Simply register at the below URL and join one of the community channels for all your questions. We also hope to see you soon at one of our seminars. Keep an eye out for updates on those through our Social Media announcements.


Team Libereum


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