Smoking to Investing : 1st trade executed

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Good day all

I write this with great joy and pride in myself that I have finally stopped smoking :)

20 years of wasting time, money and health finished and a life of freedom again starts now. I can can truly say I will never touch anything with nicotine in again and it feels fantastic, the only regret is I didn't have faith in myself or know how to do it years ago. Its so refreshing not to worry about having the constant aggravation of needing another cigarette, I get more done and I am a happier person for it.

So now the smoking is out of the way the next step is to get fit again, I attempted running again last week, however soon realised old injuries and a severe lack of my body using the correct muscles means that is out of the window for a while. So I began pilates this week to get the body working in the correct manner again. I cant work out if its mental or physical but I actually want to exercise for the first time in a looooong time, so I actually look forward to putting in some hard graft instead of puffing away watching people run past!!

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.32.02 PM.png


Now for those of you who read my introduction you will know that the next plan is to reinvest my smokers fund cash into cyrptocurrency, so for the last month I have done research after research and have a whole folder with at least 100 of the altcoins in circulation. Once I work out how to upload my templates onto Steem I will share them but for now they have everything you would expect to see from prices and volumes to management and potential problems.

Now I have researched and invested in many other traditional stocks in my time and I enjoy the research and the game of finding the best price, however nothing has ever really shocked me while researching companies. They all do this or do that, they have debt, they make profit etc etc nothing out of the ordinary. Then I came across blockchain technology and the technology that some of these new players in the cyrpto world are offering. I can see why so many people see it as a bubble because when I try and explain to family and friends some of the ideas they look at me like an idiot, to be fair if I was told by myself 2 months ago I would have done the same!!

However when you delve into the detail and start researching the people involved and I see and communicate with users on Steem you can really see that actually these are not pipe dreams and can and no doubt will start to become a reality. Of all the coins I have researched, price depending I could of easily purchased 40 of them. It is actually a privilege to watch the people on here and many others working on these projects put in so much time to actually try and change the world for good and solve many issues that affect our world. It will be fun watching the powers that be deal with the headaches these new innovations will give them.

With that in mind and the fact I wanted to try and purchase a small cap coin to start with I am now the proud owner of 1644 Substratum coins:)
Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 11.19.54 PM.png


There were a few of these small caps that could of made my first pick , however for one how can you bypass a company attempting to decentralize the internet and make worldwideweb 3.0 especially when it keeps dipping to support! So I transferred and exchanged a few times and ended up with 1644 SUB for a cost of around about $0.0122 coin.

I don't see it dropping below $0.01 so that will be my stop and lets see how the story unfolds, personally I think we about to see a breakout this week, I do have a slight concern about the way the bollinger bands are narrowing but not enough to stop me.

Onto Substratum itself, I quite simply love this idea of decentralizing the web, I wont go into political reasons why but the web needs to change and I want to be part of the company that are trying. The team are very active with the public, they are getting stuff done and are already Beta testing which is amazing, the normal problems of adoption will exist, however the ease with which this will work should help with matters and will be a whole lot easier than a VPN or Tor. Everything looks on track bar the fact they are not on Bittrex yet,(should rise when it does) and I certainly cant wait to see what they deliver.

So if you have not already then check their website out especially when the new one comes out and head over to the whitepaper, its probably the most straight forward one I have read and do some research.

Happy trading and enjoy your day


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