🔥🔥Meet BTCI - Bitcoin Incognito 🔥🔥 FANTASTIC STAKE COIN

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Bitcoin Incognito is a truly anonymous and fast cryptocurrency which sticks to the original standards of Bitcoin; keeping the user base incognito. By implementing Zerocoin Protocol and Proof-of-Stake technology we believe we are the closest thing to Satoshi's vision since Bitcoin itself. Our goal and purpose is to provide a truly anonymous currency which helps our users stay incognito in the cryptosphere.

Discord invite: https://t.co/ZxebeZnZF2
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTCIncognito
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3690815.0
Github: https://github.com/BTCIncognito
Website: http://bitcoinincognito.com/
Explorer: http://explorer.bitcoinincognito.com/

I pointed a miner at it, as it was mineable ONLY the 5000 first blocks. Regret not updating my main rig to do the algo, as I only mined about 3.6 BTCi.
The real deal was what happened after mining stopped, as it turned out being a real devil on the staking.

In only 3 days BTCi wallet has staked the measly 3.6 to a whopping 56.21 BTCi!

You can buy BTCi at https://tradesatoshi.com and the decentralized http://www.escodex.com/


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