Siacoin Asics - What is under the Hood? Should YOU get one?

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There is a new ASIC miner for Sia Coin that will go on pre-order in 3 days times


Specs are as follows

Hash Rate: 100 GH/s (for comparison GTX 1070 does around 1.6 Gh/s so almost 50x-75x faster)
Price: $2499
Power Draw: Unknown
Shipping: June 2018

The Asic is Built by Nebulous Labs here is there crunchbase Info: They raised around $750k last year and are based in Boston.

Just want to Highlight few key aspects of the terms and conditions that we all neglect to read, its funny on there main page there is a small link to find the full Terms and Agreement (makes me think they almost don't want us to read it)

Terms and conditions PDF


Incase you can't read white on Black:

E. The Siacoin Mining Appliance is not yet available and we are offering the Siacoin Mining Appliance based on preorders to help finance the development and manufacturing of the Siacoin Mining Appliances


It seems they don't have a working prototype and will be using pre-sale funds to develop and built the ASIC miner.
One thing for sure I will not be a BUYER!


2 500 $ and w8 12 month, i just not worth at all ! Even the team sia is honest. I will get more $ by investing 2 500$ in 1 month in a Nvidia Zcash rig than w8 so long ...

My feelings exactly... for $2500 i can build a gtx 1080TI 3x rig which will start producing $20 today and will have resale value and can mine anything pretty much than other GPU can mine. Thanks for the comment upvoted you!!!

Too bad is on blake2b and with that much hashing power I'd be better served elsewhere. They should come up with a X11 100 GH/s, that'll fly off the shelves with everyone trying to mine DASH right now.

Nice article ! Upvoted your post as well . kindly check out my blogs too ! Have a nice day :D

Thanks Jeremy77 will check them out for sure.

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