The CloakCoin ENIGMA Competition

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Dear CLOAK Community,

After much internal tweaking, revising and testing, Team Cloak is very excited to announce the first CloakCoin ENIGMA Competition!


What is ENIGMA?

ENIGMA is an off-blockchain decentralized payment system from the CloakCoin Project. ENIGMA runs on Cloak nodes along with CloakShield to provide peer to peer mixing, encryption, and onion routing. ENIGMA allows CloakCoins to be sent anonymously while avoiding the need to 'trust' other nodes not to steal funds or leak sensitive information.

ENIGMA guarantees fungibility, avoiding the chance of any coins being tainted, meaning all coins remain equal and interchangeable.

About the competition:

Try to solve the following CloakCoin ENIGMA transaction:


We would like to know how many CloakCoins have been sent, who was the sender and who was the receiver. Fill out the form

The Reward?

The first person or team to correctly tell us the required information within 42 days (June 19th, 2019 – 0:00 AM GMT +1) will receive 10,000 CLOAK. The reward will be paid within 1 week following the competition's end.

The Goal?

In case of decryption of the ENIGMA transaction, it can help to further improve the Privacy and Security of the ENIGMA Payment System and the CloakCoin network, analogous to an external security audit.

We are searching for possible vulnerabilities that could compromise users Privacy and we want to attract conscious minds to interact with our Privacy Tech. Additionally, we want to spread awareness of an anonymous, fungible transaction on the CloakCoin blockchain.

Stay SAFU 😉
Peace & Love

Team Cloak


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