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Last week we saw a lot of great news and events not only at the market but also at Birdchain and our live stream.

Last Week Market News

Mark Zuckerberg, faced hours of questioning from lawmakers, who pressed him to account for how third-party partners could get data without users’ knowledge.

Twenty-two EU member states signed a declaration to establish a European blockchain Partnership.

The partnership is tasked with allowing member countries to share experience and expertise in the emerging technology in order to create a path for a Digital Single Market that will benefit the private and public sectors. The partnership sees it’s ultimate goal as that of ensuring Europe stays at the forefront of blockchain technology development and implementation.

The Bank of Lithuanian has reportedly begun looking into cryptocurrencies, initiating a dialogue between commercial banks, government regulators, and crypto traders.

OKex, one of the largest exchanges in the world, has announced plans to move to the European island Malta. This announcement came quickly after a similar announcement made by Binance - one of OKEx’s main competitors.

Live Stream News!

We had 3 special guests this week to cover a range of topics closely related to Birdchain.

We had our community manager, one of the 24/7 people, who works non stop to entertain you on the telegram - Mykolas. He shared his insights on the community growth, how many hours he spends on Birdchain Telegram Chat, and what are the red flags for BAN.

Second guest speaker was Mysterium Network CEO - Robertas Visinskis. He talked about privacy, security, and anonymity in centralized and decentralized networks. How Mysterium network can help in this field and at what stage the project is in!

And our last special guest was Jaro Satkevic blockchain enthusiast and evangelist. Jaro is co-founder and visionary at Blockvis and advisor in Orca Alliance. Before jumping into the blockchain, he was a software engineer at Uber. He answered the questions: Why Bitcoin is special? Is there any potential in stable coins? What is ITO (Initial Time Offering)?

Birdchain Internal News

As you probably know we are already in the research and development stage but while the dev team was doing the research and analysis they have found a very cool surprise that will make Birdchain project even more outstanding than before. More about it will be shared later wink wink, suspense.

Other news: We are deciding the next tour of conferences that we will attend. Potentially across the ocean. This also will be revealed at the later date!

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good news... eager to know something more about this very cool surprise...


Soon it will be reveald! :)


In the airdrops? Which day?


Throughout all channels. It is a secret ;).