A quick story - the history of Bata (BTA) for steemit

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I was answering an email today regarding an application for an exchange, which asked for a brief run down of Bata. I thought it maybe a good idea to share some content here also to the Steemit Community.

So here it is.....

Bata is a open source community based coin that has not been funded by ICO, growth has been organic. Our source code is derived from Bitcoin Core 10 and Dash Core 12. Bata is a mine-able coin.

Bata was created in May 2015, as a Scrypt POW coin that was created to substitute trade credits within Barter Systems initially with a cap of 5 MIL BTA:


Bata's First block : 2015-05-08 22:20:38

Bata's specs before Block 850,000

Algorithm: Scrypt - Proof-Of-Work
Symbol: BTA
Difficulty: DGW (Dark Gravity Wave)
Block Time: 90 Seconds
Block Reward: 25
Block Halving: Every 100k Blocks
Premine: Zero
ICO: Zero
Crowdfund: Zero

Total BTA: 5,000,000

We worked through some issues in 2017. A large number of Scrypt coins with value became targets of 51% attacks, Bata was double spent on Bittrex (30+ BTA). We resolved the issue by introducing the world's first "bitcoin firewall" in core 10. This solved the issue. We planned to quickly introduce Masternodes & launch funding for a Barter Platform, but our main dev completely disappeared for 8 mths, after saying he was almost complete ( hardware and all for testnet). I was also working with another dev who presented a Profit Share Whitepaper to the community. Soon after we were delisted from Bittrex as the Profit Share system ( like an open source public IEO system ).




(Now modified whitepaper)

Securities laws were really vague in regards to Cryptocurrency as we got burn't badly and publicly with Bittrex. Seeking funding for a platform ceased due to uncertainty.

I personally lost both my parents during this period also. A very hard time for me.

I found another competent dev and we evolved Bata.

Bata's specs after block 1,110,000

Six Algorithm/s: Sha256d, Scrypt, Nist5, Lyra2z, x11, x16r - Independent algorithm chains

Dynamic Blocks - based on block height and difficulty ( means no cheap blocks )

Instamine protection -Instamine protection will trigger after 5 blocks of single algo are mined in short period of time.

Deadlock protection - Difficulty is reduced even when no new blocks are found, new blocks are mined much faster even after very high hashrate period. This prevents "stuck chain" issues.

Spork control over block processing - The ability to stop the blockchain anytime by sporks manually if any kind of dangerous activity in network is detected. We have full control of block processing without need to wallet upgrade.

Masternode Collateral : 10,000 BTA
Masternode Reward : Dynamic reward of up to 0.25 BTA

More recently have been consulting with Blockchain Australia in regards to launching our Barter Platform & actively seeking funding solutions for the platform. Bata will be the currency which you will be required to access the system. More details on BarterChain.io whitepaper attached.

Our website has all the information & links you may require:


Hope that gives you a better understanding of Bata.


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