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A gamified social commerce platform for luxury fashion. We believe that people are more than one thing.
Self expression and style should never be limited by society, physicality or otherwise. The ALTAVA platform exists to enable multiple expressions of self in the metaverse so that people can discover, curate and play with Worlds of You.
In ALTAVA, you experience an enhanced reality where your avatar is an alternative extension of yourself.
A space where possibilities and worlds are infinite.
Where your self-expression isn’t bound by what you can fit in your closet or what even fits your body - you have the total freedom to be anyone.

Altava Market

An extended virtual destination of ALTAVA that enables you to participate in the future of commerce and engage with multiple worlds across the metaverse.
Buy and sell interoperable NFT fashion, beauty, music, lifestyle collectibles that we have created with luxury houses, designers, and selected collaborators. Multiply your Worlds of Expression by unlocking your NFT in ALTAVA, utilizing it with your avatar, and playing in other virtual worlds.

ALTAVA Group Core Values

Driven by ownership and sense of responsibility, we act on behalf of the entire company with a determination to perform better every day.


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