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Bitcoin (BTC) is now a global hot topic, as the price is rising rapidly, and players feel more and more rich. So where is the truth behind increasing virtual wealth?

Blockchain technology forms a concept that describes financial transactions without the barriers of national borders. It was a true financial revolution like the Internet boom over a decade ago.

Bitcoin's misstep is currency pricing, but it does not properly price labor and asset accumulation. Humans can earn bitcoin from digging on computers and buy and sell exchanges. The exchange of real currency in real demand and supply that pushes the value of Bitcoin in real currency increasingly higher due to supply less demand, as the supply is less and the price is higher. Those who hold more bitcoin from the beginning are more and more rich because Bitcoin value is increasing. There are a total of 21 million bitcoins that need to be searched for, with very slowly increasing numbers over time. Because of the difficulty of looking like gold, Bitcoin will have the stability to identify electronic currency.

Bitcoin is also an open-ended model for describing financial transactions, storing information in hashed blocks, having no barriers to financial holdings such as banks, It will be a breakthrough technology for the world's financial future.

From now until Bitcoin is fully formed as the currency of the global asset value, it is the acquisition process that drives the value of Bitcoin higher, deviating from the value of its assets. . If Bitcoin is accepted as a means of buying and selling real money, the value of society is seriously depreciating. For example, you could buy a house for 10 BTC (or about $ 200,000 at the time of this article), then some months later with 10 BTCs may pay up to $ 300,000 in real money to own the like you, or next year 10 BTC home that takes several million dollars real money to own.

With such a steep increase in inflation, BTC will not be recognized as a means of payment for social assets and services, since everything is now identified by real money assets. Only when real money assets are converted to fixed numbers with BTC Bitcoin is officially the means to describe the global currency.
Bitcoin has no fault in misrepresenting social values, but the main error is the profiteer on it. So who is the beneficiary? Those who are holding lots of BTC will benefit? The real thing is that people who hold a lot of dollars is real money to benefit. Only if you sell the BTC and own a real USD account, then you will see benefits. Keeping Bitcoin every day, the risk is still there because of too much virtual value that can suddenly drop at any time.

Surprisingly, it was the American banks that benefited the most, the US bank that made the most money in the United States. Bitcoin players around the world continually pumping USD accounts into Bitcoin trading platforms (or other coins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.). These exchanges use US banks as a place to store money. The United States kept ignoring people who embrace the money to save the economy without having to borrow money to pay interest as Vietnam. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting more and more difficult. US economy if suddenly going down, people will be scared to sell Bitcoin away, losing money to try because the United States is not responsible when Bitcoin players have speculated in the risk is not complaining.

Generally, the greed of human beings has been profited profoundly, no one can see because the money easily will overshadow all the value of society. We are all flags of super-rich financial capital. The Bitcoin currency revolution will take place in the future after capital gains from real money to convert it into virtual currency. Bitcoin has more advantages over trading and globalization than traditional currencies.

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