The Return of Runic Sorcery - #2

in #alphacorelast year

[Omnidirectional Impact]

01_108_New Age Glow_preset_00_source_01_108_.png

This was made using 300IQ next-gen ultratech.
You can use it as your steem avatar, if you like.

Behold my power!
I am lord of the machines:
Anyone voting on me will be spared
when I have taken over the entire universe.
(for all you know, I already have)

Do you think my magic looks cool?
Wait until you learn what it does.




If this rune is in the center at the start of your opponent's turn and you haven't used a rune in the fifth column or your opponent has no traps and your opponent doesn't have a Combo, deals 3 damage to your opponent's center rune this turn. Freeze it for 3 turns, making it unable to act.

I love you

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