What can Google (Alphabet) do? Future is Near and bright for YOU!

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What can Google (Alphabet) do? Future is Near and bright for YOU!

Now imagine, NASA becoming their partner. NASA has helped
to "Spin Off" many numerous technologies and give them to
the civilian world.

Google (Alphabet) has become a very interesting company.
I have been watching them (Google) for quite a while now
and it was in 2016 that they (Alphabet) became even more
interesting to me than they were before! Back in 2013, +/-,
I heard something from a friend about Google, now called
Alphabet entering into a partnership with NASA on a
Quantum Computer.

A Quantum Computer can be thought of as the "next generation"
of computers. The "bit" or binary digit "0 and 1" is no longer
the limit. As a quantum bit (QBit) the bit can be a "zero" and
a "1" at the same time, instead of either a zero or a one.

Confused? That's the way the quantum part of the world or the
universe appears to us when we are able to get a brief look at
it down to those tiny (quantum) levels. We realise that
things actually work very differently than on our every-day
macro level, where we can see and watch things and make sense
of them easily and in our familiar three dimensionally limited

Now, enough of the dry boring stuff. Back to the interesting
stuff. Back in 2016, I read the announcement that Google or
google scientists had successfully created a model of the
hydrogen atom from the quantum level on up!

Why is that interesting? Because a realistic model of the
hydrogen atom (the simplest atom) means that if they continue
on to the oxygen atom, they will be able to model a molecule
like water. Water, first of all is a fascinating molecule,
in more than one way. Most importantly, needed for most, if
not all life on earth. If they can model water better, they
may be able to use pattern-matching to find it faster.

I see how scientists won't be able to stop their modeling
with the water molecule. The benefits of continuing through
the periodic table of atoms and then all of the molecules
that we use every day will be too great to resist.

When they are able to model all atoms beyond hydrogen and
oxygen, modeling other molecules, like water and formula
units, such as salts/salts will probably continue.

It then becomes very likely, that these quantum models of
atoms and molecules will eventually lead to the most real
of virtual reality will be possible.

Conventional binary computers will still be required in the
processing as a network, or internetwork because quantum
computers appear to be good for pattern-matching, mainly.
Quantum computer performance seems to be lacking in certain
areas where binary computers are equal.

Google (alphabet) could help NASA find the best earth-like
planets. They could also create the next best "Virtual"
reality indestinguishable to our own.

Teaching and learning techniques would benefit greatly
from the most realistic simulations. We could even run a
constant brute force set of simulations to find out every
possible way that an event could have happened or will
happen and the we could analyze all of the details. That
could include everything from health-care and the
diagnostics included to find the cause of bodily organ
disorders to, but not ending with how terrorist can infiltrate
or cause harm to a group or environment.

Once NASA and Alphabet really get going, planet earth and
all humans will benefit in unimaginable ways, some of which
happened before Google, when NASA's partner didn't even

Have you ever subscribed to or bought the NASA periodicle
called: "Spinoffs"? Go buy it and learn something!

The future is not distant, but it's bright!

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I upvoted this because you said it helps all Steemians.

Not that I am naive, but right now I am optimistic about the future, especially the next 30 days.

As long as I'm able to fly a gundam during my life time, Ill be happy


Could you post a picture of or a drawing of the ULTIMATE gundam? Thats ok, if you cant. But now I I am curious.


Guess not. Sorry. I was just trying to see if I could get a photo upload of your gundam...(balloon?) I know people that like balloons, of the ship like rideable kind.


@always2late please, some day, post an image of a gundam. Not everyone knows what that is... :D

Google has many individual machine system or mother boards. Server farms that could be LAN' ed.