4 Finest Ways to Prevent Alopecia

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Alopecia is a health condition that affects both genders; it affects males as much as it affects females. It is an autoimmune disease that results in loss of hair. Alopecia is a sort of hereditary condition but can also result from environmental factors like nutrition deficiency, poisoning, use of certain drugs, hormone disorder, infections or radiation. Some physical stressors like pregnancy or weight loss can also result in Alopecia. Emotional shocks may also result in temporary hair loss. It happens as small patches in some cases while it can be extreme in some other cases.

Alopecia can occur as a loss of hair on the scalp. This type is referred to as alopecia totalis, and in extreme conditions, it could be alopecia universalis which is the total loss of hair from the entire body. It doesn't respect any age or gender, most cases of Alopecia occur before age 30. This post covers the most exceptional preventive measures to put into consideration to ward off Alopecia;

Balance your Diet

Having a healthy and balanced diet is essential in the prevention of Alopecia. Proteins make up the basic unit of every cell and tissue in the body, not leaving the hair out. They are mainly perfect for protecting and maintaining the growth cycle of your hair. A healthy diet gives you healthy hair and protects you from losing your hair. Also, it is essential to include all the essential vitamins in your food to maintain your hair cycle. Iron, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin B-12, helps your body to produce strong and healthy hair.

Break off from Hair Damaging Habits

Don't be an enemy of your own growth, there are habits that people indulge in that they might not be aware of the consequences on their hair. One of these habits is smoking. Smoking does not only damage your body systems, but it also does more harm to your hair. Smoking can cause premature aging of your hair cells, in the process making your hair follicles brittle and prone to damage. Also, alcohol and caffeine endanger the immune system, and this may lead to further fall out of your hair.

Stay Hydrated

Not drinking enough water is a bad habit that is detrimental to the condition of your hair. The hair shaft is largely made up of water. In order to maintain it and keep it up for rejuvenation, you need to drink enough water. Water does not get too much for the body; no one has ever died from drinking water. Set a goal of drinking about 6-8 liters per day. It also important to cut down on carbonated sodas, they weaken the immune system which may lead to hair fall out. Replace your carbonated sodas with water.

Massage your Scalp with Essential oils

Don't forget to massage your scalp with essential oils, scalp massage helps to stimulate air growth by ensuring maximum blood circulation to your scalp. This process stimulates your hair follicles and enhances hair growth. Some oils have been tagged as essential for your hair as they prevent hair thinning and balding. Take a few drops of lavender, thyme oil or rosemary and massage into your scalp to maintain your hair growth cycle and to avoid hair loss.


Alopecia can alter the beauty and self-confidence of an affected person. The tips covered in this post are trusted and can help you maintain your hair growth and prevent Alopecia.

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Thanks a lot @jatinhota. At first I was like what is Alopecia? But I now understand what it means and how to prevent it. In my own opinion, avoiding it is just like continuing ones healthy lifestyle. It's normal to have a balanced diet. It's normal to avoid smoking. We all know Alcohol is dangerous to the health. It's interesting to know how impactful our healthy lifestyle can be. Thanks once again