Alluring Aquatic Collection By MAC.

in #alluring-aquatic2 months ago

I'm wearing today I don't know why I checked in the mirror when I did that I just wanted to see what it looked like I've seen it before


and so that's the lipstick and I have to say the packaging of this is just so cool like I love because this goes at the end cuz it's the lightest shade

I have and it goes and done that look cool and anyway plus it's like bubbly mmm so then I've got the lip glass oh I have water diocese and which is like a pretty new like lipglass

that I said it gives the extra dimension once paired with the lipstick and the lip pencil and the lip pencil I will show you in a second but can you see the color see

I like using this not just with this lip lipstick I like using it with a load of different ones but sometimes if i'm just going for quite a plane look I would just put this on instead

of a lipstick because it gives the glossiness and it's got a claw of its own so I like to just quick put it on if I'm going out

and I don't need to really dress up and so this is the lip pencil now I really think the lip pencil is great to have because it matches with nudes

Reds pinks and corals so it's like a foreign one sort of lip pencil and you see the color there so like with a nude lip it just gives it the extra dimension

look like with what I'm wearing now because if I didn't have the lip pencil on I think it would look quite plain sort of wash me out

but because of the lip pencil it really does make it stand out and give it more of an extra dimension which is like the whole theme of this

so like I said the packaging is just totally awesome it really does look cool and obviously because it's alluring aquatic it's all like drops of water

all over it I don't know I want to know what it's like made out of cause like you could do it like if you had super glue or something you can make the rest

look like that you could just dot like glue all over don't do that because that would ruin the packaging of the other ones but you know

I mean that's sort of how I think they did it I'm not quite sure cuz it is Mac obviously it is really good quality packaging

and I know this sounds weird but I don't know why but I expected them to break off no cuz they're all the wobbly bits are normally on every other

item I've had a ball where it's got like a bubbly stuff it's either like stuck on like stickers or it's just it just peels off or something

but these are just really good quality and and they look totally cool so if I had the chance and what else would I get from the action well

I'm sort of obsessed with lipsticks and lip glosses more than anything and so I was probably get the rest of them and I love the eye shadows as well

so i'll probably get them as well and the eyeliner like is meant the eye pencils meant to be really good so probably get them

but also the other lip liner because then it would go with all the other lipsticks but then the brushes are really good for extra dimension.

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