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One in three children is obese!

Wake up people, stop blinding yourself from the truth because you’re afraid you’ve done it wrong your entire life. I had to come to that realization; I ate breakfast for 95% of my life.

You can listen to rigged government studies, or you can wake up, look around, realize something is terribly, terribly wrong, and maybe, just perhaps, there is some funny business going on. Don’t be so naive to think big companies wouldn’t pay to screw you over with their infinite amount of money and resources.

Do you know how much money the fast food industry generates?

Do you realize how profitable breakfast is?

We’re not talking billions; we’re talking trillions!

They're able to throw away enough food each day to feed the entire world twice over.

Eating in the morning more than two times a week consistently is simply not good for your health. And it shows, as 1 in 3 people are considered obese!

Genetics and activity plays a big role; like pro athletes and body builders. These people have good genetics and workout so much they have a surplus of HGH secretion regardless.

They don’t get overweight DESPITE eating in the morning because they burn so many calories training on their jobs.

But for an average person who sits at a desk all day, this is just not the case.

Thus 1 in 3...


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