The 1000 club

in #allsafe3 years ago

House Rules - 'The 1000 Club is an Invite only area for members of the AllSafe community that hold 1000+ coins. The coins must be held in our own Smart Pool to qualify. Make a deposit of 1000 or more, ask for an address here in the #deposit-request channel to be upgraded to the VIP lounge! As a 1000 Club member you will be able to talk directly to other coin holders and get access to exclusive events and airdrops. See you in the Club!'
FRIDAY NIGHT BINGO in the 1000 Club

'Friday Night Bingo in the executive lounge! Join us at 21.55 UTC to start enjoying the benefits of your membership, the Bingo starts at 22.00 UTC. Everyone's a winner! A quick round of 'Bingo' phrase-drop, followed by a big Bingo Jackpot of 100 AllSafe. Grab yourself a drink and your favourite Lotto numbers. See you in the club on Friday, the AllSafe Team #the-1000-club '

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