Allodium Blockchain Report - Week #142 - Ending Jun 29th 2020

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Goodbye spring, hello summer!

The 4th arch is up!

The fourth arch, up above the back stairs, ended up shorter than anticipated, but it won't be a high-traffic area, so it'll be ok to duck a bit when going through. Only one arch remains to add to this structure before the shape will be completed!

With June now behind us, the monthly recap + forecast video has been posted on Youtube:

Plants are animals are all thriving and enjoying the pleasant summer weather!

In Block #142, ending 6/29/2020, a total of [email protected] (Appreciation Tokens) were generated; [email protected] were generated by the daily appreciation of 48 members, [email protected] were generated by 37 hours of labor exhausted for the Cooperative, and [email protected] were generated by 107 OG Creds (Ø); bringing the total to 194,[email protected]

There are currently 48 members of Allodium, with 2 dangling branches. The updated Member Tree can be viewed here:


Shades of blue circles represent stakeholders with OG Creds (Ø), Affirmed Sovereign members, and members of the Exchange. At the hub, in green, is the original Allodial Foundation (OG∆). Red circles represent Dangling Branches which have frozen accounts and 52-week period to root with a sponsor.

Allodium Appreciation Tokens are trading live on the Waves Decentralized Exchange under ticker "Allodium AT". Allodium AT are most recently valued at .22 Waves, giving Appreciation Tokens a $ valuation of about $.25/@, and an overall @ market cap $ valuation of $48,418.

The Telegram announcement channel for Allodium is, and there is a group chat on Telegram for members.

The online domain of Allodium, is back online, yet is still having technical difficulties.

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