Allodium Blockchain Report - Week #133 - Ending Apr 27th 2020

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Warm weather has sparked the beginning of outdoor projects! Though the 2020 season won't 'officially' begin until the next weekly blockchain report, the first couple projects are underway!

The first project is a rock retaining wall at the top of the courtyard. Below is the before pic:
b133 before2.jpg

Cutting into the berm, moving excess dirt to level the area more, stacking rocks to cover the exposed dirt face, and mortar prep was completed in the last week, resulting in this after:
b133 after2.jpg

The gravestones of Spartacus, three fruit trees, the edge of Small/South Tower, Verona the hen, and Lewis the dog are also pictured!

A bunch of 2 oz iodine bottles were bottled as well; abundance of iodine secured!

In Block #133, ending 4/27/2020, a total of [email protected] (Appreciation Tokens) were generated; [email protected] were generated by the daily appreciation of 48 members, [email protected] were generated by 96 OG Creds (Ø), and [email protected] were generated by 22 hours of labor exhausted for the Cooperative; bringing the total to 179,[email protected]

There are currently 48 members of Allodium, with 2 dangling branches. The updated Member Tree can be viewed here:
Shades of blue circles represent stakeholders with OG Creds (Ø), Affirmed Sovereign members, and members of the Exchange. At the hub, in green, is the original Allodial Foundation (OG∆). Red circles represent Dangling Branches which have frozen accounts and 52-week period to root with a sponsor.

Allodium Appreciation Tokens are trading live on the Waves Decentralized Exchange under ticker "Allodium AT". Allodium AT are most recently valued at .22 Waves, giving Appreciation Tokens a $ valuation of about $.23/@, and an overall @ market cap $ valuation of $41,845.

The Telegram announcement channel for Allodium is, and there is a group chat on Telegram for members.

The online domain of Allodium, is back online, yet is still having technical difficulties.

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