Pizza - Got Allergies? Crowbar It!!

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Hey guys!

So, the kids were hankering for some pizza and I did not want to make a trip to town. I also didn't have time to make homemade pizza crust, especially since I have to make two different types of crusts. On top of that, it gets tricky to divide the pizza according to everyone's individual preferences. Doing this with sliced bread gives everyone a little freedom to really personalize their pizzas! Plus, this is one instance where the allergy-friendly dish is just as good, if not better than the "regular". The rice bread is dense and lends itself nicely to the pizza without getting soggy. I myself am not such a fan of Daiya cheese, but fortunately my daughter loves it! (I do, however, really enjoy the almond cheese - mozzarella style. It's pretty impressive in quesadillas too!)

I highly recommend you toast the bread lightly and use some butter or olive oil, so that it doesn't get too soggy once the sauce is applied.

We love raw cheese, but for pizzas we always use a grass-fed mozzarella for those who can have dairy. The rest of the family gets Daiya cheddar cheese shreds mixed with mozzarellla-style almond cheese.

It also became a fun writing activity as Wildstyle ran around the house taking orders from everyone--even Crowbar Baby! As you will see in the video he was very excited about his special pizza. He and his brother are both becoming such ham's in front of the camera. You can probably see why I do most of my videos in the car, or once they're asleep.

Once the toppings were on the pizza I simply placed the pan under the broiler for a few minutes and kept a watchful eye. They came out perfect! We had some very happy customers. I think they'll be back!

I chose @Crowbarmama as a handle because I believe in doing the best you can with what you have on hand. The crowbar is a multi-purpose tool. You’ll notice my photography is a bit rough, my grammar is not the most polished, but as a homeschooling, homesteading mama of 4, if I waited to take my photos until the light was perfect or re-edited my posts a 5th time ( I shoot for 3 drafts), I would never get a post out!

Don’t sweat the small stuff, just Crowbar it!

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Ohhh you remind me of simpler times!! I used to do toast pizza too!! They’re excellent and simple

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Luv the enthusiasm and all the help you get from.the kids. They look super sweet!

What is this music? Is it local folk?

Great job on pizza. I love making own pizza as it always tastes better, since you can put as much as you want of everything!


Aw, thanks! They're definitely fun to have around. I found this Italian music on a royalty-free site . It's called Tarantella Lucana. Pretty, isn't it? I enjoy the accordion very much as it's used in Portuguese music as well, so I heard a lot of it growing up.

And yes! Customizing foods to your own taste is so satisfying! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Love the creativity. Never thought of trying it with bread. Always thought it had to be pizza dough.. I get lazy too.. most times, I just dump all the ingredients into the bread maker & press (dough)

The machine does the rest .. ha ha


@ireenchew I've even done it with a tortilla! 😉

Yummm that looks soo good!


@alphasteem Quality toppings make such a difference. I really don't miss the crust this way! Thanks for stopping by!

This is good... greetngs from Venezuela.

The almond based mozzarella substitute is pretty good. Have you tried using the Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Pizza Crust mix? It is very strange in dough form, but makes a tolerable crust substitute when the directions on the package are followed.

Also, are you interested in a possible potluck or picnic inland northwest steemit meetup in late September some sunday afternoon? Perhaps at Farragut State Park?


@jacobtothe I have not tried that mix. I think it requires egg. I'll have to take a closer look at the ingredients and instructions.

An INW Steemit meetup sounds great! We've driven through Farragut, but have yet to actually spend any time there. Sunday afternoons should all be open!


I think it included egg substitution instructions.


In that case, I will definitely have to look at it again. Just noticed I replied using my daughter's account. So hard to keep straight now that the kids are becoming more active! Lol!

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