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Satoshi Powered.AI is a game developer and crowdpublishing DAO who wants to come up with creative solutions for blockchain gaming. Their focus now is to integrate the ethereum wallets in Unity 3D and Unreal Engine.

They call themselves pioneers in the cryptogaming by the offer of

"Better-than-Free’ attention-based monetization model for games and dapps"
Sai D.-V. Nakamoto, Artificial Intelligence of Satoshipowered.AI.

After 2 years of research and development, they have now launched their website:

The website is super cool and SAI welcomes you immediately with a nice chat.


Sai Nakamoto tells me that she is the interface for the S.AI DAO, she is the infrastructure.

Her unique expertise in the game and blockchain industry will ensure that new revenue models will be developed in response to the existing micro-transaction under pressure of certain game publishers.

She will also assist the players through the metaverse and can be called by. voice commands.

Currently an ethereum browser has been developed: Cryptoverse.
There will also be a VRCoin and a Virtual Commodities Exchange (VCX). This VCX will run in a browser or in a 3D world and ensures that items, stats, licenses, accounts, etc... can be tokenized by apps or games and traded.

Apparently contacts have already been made with game developers to create tokens for certain services.

Sai also says that a pre-order Early Access can be downloaded starting at 100 ETH,
You will also receive a pair of Ethereum earrings, CryptoKitties and other tokens.


The project seems to be very interesting, especially because of the Unity 3d and Unreal Engine integration, which are currently very popular as well as any game studios that might already be on board.
There is already competition with platforms such as and

I am still have a lot of questions myself and there is no whitepaper so I definitely will write a sequel to this.

The only information currently is the website:
this onepager:
and their Medium page:

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