15 Interesting Facts that every Women should know about Push up Bra

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Who Invented the Push-up Bra?

The invention of push up bra is one of the important milestones in the lingerie fashion world. In a period, while half of the female population was not comfortable with the idea of wearing a bra, a fashion designer Louise Poirier from Canada invented the very first push up bra called Wonder Bra for Canadian company Canadelle. It is a plunge push up bra with underwire made with lace. The invention of Wonderbra paved the path to the development of push up bras.

push up bra sexy style.jpg

Push up Bra Meaning for the Beginners

Push up bra meaning can be known from its very own name. The bra is able to push your breasts up for an enhanced look. Wearing a push up bra not only volume up your breasts, meaning that it can give you a sleek appearance.

How Does a Push up Bra Work?

You will get a good idea about how does a push up bra work if you get to know about how it is made. A push up bra like any regular bra has cups, a bra band, and shoulder straps. But what makes them different from other bras is the construction of the cups. They have thicker foam at the bottom at an angle determines how does a push up bra work different from other bras

Complete Push Up Bra Guide - https://www.shyaway.com/wardrobe/complete-push-up-bra-guide/

What a Push up Bra Does in Seconds?

What do push up bra do is an amazing lift and extraordinary contouring. Push up bras as the name suggests pushes the breasts up to give a round shape and enhanced cleavage. The padding in the push up bra is located at an angle at the bottom of the cups like a wedge so that it naturally lifts the breasts from the bottom and brings them closer from the sides to the centre. A beautiful round shape of the breasts on the top and a naturally elevated cleavage is what do pushup bra do to your silhouette.

Link - https://blog.shyaway.com/what-a-push-up-bra-can-do-in-seconds/
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What Are the Padding Levels in a Push up Bra?

We will see what are the padding levels in push up bras

You can get push up bras in 3 levels.

types of padding in push up bra.jpg

Level is nothing but used to denote the various thickness of the foam padding. Level one starts with padding of lesser thickness compared to levels 2 and 3. Level 3 has the thickest padding.

Level 1 Push Up Bra

It has small push up padding under the cups. Level1 padding is meant to give a gentle lift and rounder shape to the breasts. If you have a fuller bust and want to give a little lift and shape you can go for level1 padding.


Level 2 Push Up Bra

Level 2 padding has thicker foam padding under the cups which extends just below the nipple. It can give you visible lift and can make your breasts appear one cup size bigger. It gives a well-defined cleavage. If you want to make your breast look perky and fuller you can go for level2 push up bras.


Level 3 Push Up Bra

This has the thickest padding at the bottom which gives your breasts a dramatic lift and brings them closer. This adds 2 cup sizes to the actual size giving the breasts a rounder shape and creating a well-defined cleavage. Level 3 padding works best for women with small and medium-size bust and also for women with saggy breasts.


By now you would have got an idea about what are push up bras

Who Can Wear Push up Bras?

  • Women with small breasts- a push up bra is able to make your breasts look bigger as it has angular padding which helps in lifting the bust-up.

  • Women with big bosom a push up bra are a blessing for women with big breasts as it lifts the breast up to prevent chaffing of the skin under the breasts.

  • Women whose breasts are saggy- saggy breasts are common both in women with smaller breasts and also in women with bigger breast size. A push-up bra helps the breasts appear firm and full.

  • Women who are not satisfied with the shape- push up bras not only give a beautiful shape but also help in sculpting a more structured feminine form.

  • Women with wide-set and bottom-heavy breasts-push up bras naturally bring the breasts closer and make them look perky.

Surprising Benefits of Push up Bras

surprising benefits of push up bra.jpg

  • Benefits of push up bra is numerous. They not only add visual merit but also highly functional.
  1. A push up bra benefits by instantly enhancing the appearance of your breasts

  2. It gives a well rounded shape regardless of the natural shape of your breasts.

  3. Creates a beautiful, natural cleavage

  4. Adds volume to the cups. You can increase up to 2 cup sizes instantly with push up bra.

  5. Push up bra benefits in providing better support to your breasts as it holds them up.

  6. Saggy breasts are no more an issue. As push up bras are meant to add fullness to the cups they make your breasts look firm.

The advantages of push up bra not only ends there. It comes in many styles and with different coverage options like a plunge push up bra, t-shirt push up bra, demi push up bra, so you can use push up bras with many outfits and on many occasions.

Link - https://blog.shyaway.com/get-that-natural-lift-with-push-up-bras/

How to Wear a Push up Bra in Less Than a Minute?

how to wear a push up bra in a minute.jpg

Let's find out how to wear a push-up bra like a pro. A push up bra may have a back or front closure. Wear a push up bra like how you would wear your regular bras. Pull your arms through the shoulder straps. Lean forward to position your breasts in the cups. Clasp the hook at the back or front depending on the closure position keeping your body straight. Adjust the shoulder straps

Wikihow - https://www.wikihow.com/Wear-a-Push-up-Bra

Most Useful Types of Push up Bras to Rave About

what are the types of push up bra.jpg

There are various types of push up bras depending on the intensity of their function, the padding position, coverage, fabric, and underwire details. We have given a list of the best types of push up bras below for better understanding and use them based on your need and occasion.

Balconette push up bra

It has a low neckline as the cups cut through very low and expose the entire top portion of the breasts. The straps are widely placed giving you an option to wear with your low neckline outfits.

Link - https://www.shyaway.com/push-up-bra-online/?bra_type=balconette

Strapless push up bra

You can wear strapless push up bra with off shoulder, cold shoulder party wear and backless dresses. They have adhesive side wings which can stick on your body giving you a strapless comfort.

Racerback pushup bra

A racerback push up bra gives you an option to wear the straps in multiple ways at the back as they are detachable. This is the best bra to wear under your halter neck dresses.

Plunge push up bra

It has a deep neckline and small gore exposing more of the center part. It is the sexiest push bra as it reveals a lot of cleavage and breast. Wear them with your deep neckline party dresses to pull off a hot and sexy look.

Apart from these there are other types of push up bras like cotton, lace push up bras, underwire and wire free push up bras and push up bras with removable padding which you can choose based on need.

Push up Bra vs Normal Bra

Women usually wear a normal bra but when it comes to push up bras are somehow they are worn only occasionally. But a push up bra can be worn regularly if you pick the right type of bras. Below there is push up bra vs normal bra which will help you find out the differences between both types of bras.

Push up bras can be worn by women with any breast size and type. You can wear a push up bra with any kind of outfit unlike normal bras as there are no seams running on the cups. It gives a smooth look and 100% nipple coverage under any apparel which is not the case with regular bras.

Difference between Push up Bra vs Normal Bra.jpg

Can a Pushup Bra Make Your Breasts Bigger?

Precisely yes. A push up bra can make your breasts bigger. Not only that it is able to give you a well defined cleavage.

Link - https://blog.shyaway.com/bra-hacks-for-small-breast-woman/

Is Push up Bra Bad to Wear?

A push up bra is not bad to wear. A bra is worn not only to provide support and comfort but also to give confidence to the wearer. A push up bra can instantly boost your confidence and make you feel more feminine and beautiful in your own body. Push up bra or any bra for that matter is not bad for you.
If a bra causes discomfort it can only mean that you are not wearing the proper size. Know your current underbust and overbust measurements before going for bra purchase. Also try on a bra to check the fit before buying it.

How to Make a Push up Bra out of a Regular Bra?

It is easy to make a push up bra out of a regular bra.

how to make a push up bra in regular bra.jpg

  1. Take a regular bra preferably a padded one

  2. Cut wedge shaped pads from foam material or you can use Store bought pads

  3. Stick the foam at the bottom of the cups little away from the center of the bra

  4. Secure it with pins and sew them together.

  5. Layer the foam with fabric piece in both the cups

Your push up bra is ready to wear.

When to Wear a Push up Bra?

You can wear a push up bra during festival and party times to give an enhanced look. But it really depends on you that when you want to wear a push up bra. Some people may find it comfortable to wear a normal bra everyday and preserve the push up bra for special occasions. Some women prefer to wear push up bra everyday to get a smooth and well defined structure.

Push up bras have been in existence since a long time. But, have gained popularity only in the 90s. There is no looking back after that, that push up bras have evolved into a most comfortable must have bras in recent times. Today we can get them in many types and styles based on their functions. But all these push up bras are common in fulfilling every woman's need which is lifting the breasts and bringing them closer to make your breasts look larger and firmer along with providing an elevated cleavage. It is easy to make your own push up bra at home out of a regular bra. But there is nothing like buying a trendy push up bra - https://www.shyaway.com/push-up-bra-online/ which has just landed in the market with added improvements.

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