ZeroBank Pre-ICO is live now with 15% bonus

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Since ZeroBank’s debut, it has never been this HOT!

We are pleased to announce the closure of our Private Sale with a total of 125,000,000 ZB tokens SOLD which made us officially surpass our SOFTCAP.

And here is the next big news you have been longing for:

No more waiting! ZeroBank PRE-ICO is HERE!

  • Pre-ICO time: from 12th July 2018, 00:15 AM to 30th July 2018, 23:59 GMT+8 ​

  • Minumum contribution: 0.1ETH

  • Bonus at: 15%
    Why should you participate in ZeroBank PRE-ICO?

  • ZeroBank is the most feasible ICO project in 2018 in the money exchange and remittance market utilizing blockchain, smart contracts and sharing economy

  • ZeroBank is guided and developed by banking and finance experts, entrepreneurs who have advanced knowledge as well as business experience in the remittance industry.

  • ZeroBank targets a promising and growing market, especially the tourism industry with 1.3 billion international tourists arrivals worldwide annually.

  • ZB tokens are more than just one kind of encrypted currency. After the ICO, you will be able to exchange ZB tokens into fiat currency or trade them on reputable cryto-exchange platform such as BINANCE, HOUBI
    We are one step closer to a new world of money exchange and remittance! It’s time for you to join our revolution!


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