Why now is the time for international tourists to embrace new way of traveling

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The tourism industry is a promising industry to the global GDP, witnessing 1.2 billion international arrivals with an expense of 2.6 trillion dollars in 2016, increased fourfold as compared to 2010, according to World Bank.

This exponential number was recorded as the result of life standard improvement and greater ease when traveling. This industry exerts influence over the service sector of any economies in the world, making travelers become more and more beneficial. However, even with the current improvement of the industry, travelers have to incur numerous problems and one of the most excruciating ones is money management.

Security comes first!
There are plenty of things a tourist must know to keep money safe while traveling, especially when you are adventurous and hooked on exploring. The risks are lurking everywhere, from dropping your wallet to losing it because of vicious pickpockets. This scenario can be still applicable when you travel to metropolitans. Even if you are comfortable using your Mastercard/VISA, there is a chance that it could be hacked in a foreign country where you have to spend huge efforts in calling for bank support. Why don’t use an encrypted wallet to carry all our money instead?
ZeroBank definitely lends you a hand in keeping your money safe and sound while traveling. ZeroBank used blockchain technology to allow you to encrypt your cash and let you be the only one who owns the access to your digital wallet. Any fraud can be investigated easily, which ensures you a safe journey ahead.

Traveling cost does matter!
No matter how well a planner you may be, overspending can be unavoidable. From that point, whatever your local currency is and no matter how low the exchange rate you can find at ATMs, you’ll always have to pay for the fee of up to 5 to 10% of the total amount, according to World Bank. This can cost you from a delicious lunch up to a night at a 5-star luxurious resort. Why do you have to bear such ridiculous high fee and know nothing about the real costs behind that transaction?

ZeroBank understands this painful point of every traveler. We have been developing a decentralized money exchange system to remove the reliance on the banking system as well as MTOs (money transfer operators). Each transaction is automatically done and directly from an individual to individual. You no longer have to bear a high cost whenever you need to convert your local currency to another one. The exchange fee will always stay at the minimum.

Flexibility and convenience will perfect your journey
Moving around is the nature of traveling but problems may arise when you go far from your place and you have no money backed up. This is even worse in the case of rural areas where there are no ATMs or banks around. Even when banks are available, you won’t have enough time to spend to finish all banking procedures and withdraw your money in time for the situation.
ZeroBank got your back by its wide coverage. ZeroBank coverage wins over the traditional banks at this point thanks to its broad network of agents. In its system, money transfer and exchange transactions will be facilitated by agents on a peer-to-peer basis. And anyone can become ZeroBank agent — from the local taxi drivers, hotel receptionists, to office workers, which makes it easier to have the money that you want, anywhere and anytime.

Here’s to a revolution to traveling!
ZeroBank is an innovative application using blockchain, smart contract and sharing economy model to fix all your money-related problems while traveling. This revolutionary system will help you have a truly memorable experience without worrying about money problems. With only a smartphone connected to the internet, you will have the whole freedom of traveling in your hand!

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