Here is why we call ZB token “the powerful multipurpose token” for smart investors

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ZeroBank is the unrivaled ICO project in the money exchange and remittance industry right now. ZeroBank’s potentials lie at its pioneer idea of using blockchain technology, smart contracts in combination with the power of the sharing economy. Our core team of high-profile experts not only bring this idea to life but also work to create a powerful token called “ZB token”.

Now, let’s explore what ZB tokens can empower its users within the revolutionary system of ZeroBank.

  • ZB tokens make it easy to transfer money within its ecosystem.
  • ZB tokens make it easy to exchange money anytime, anywhere.
  • ZB tokens are a tradable asset with commission

#1 — ZB tokens make it easy to transfer money within its ecosystem

Obviously, ZB tokens are made to serve as the “monetary barter” for ZeroBank users to effortlessly exchange and transfer in ZeroBank system. Within this blockchain-based application, the sharing economy model even makes it more convenient by allowing peer-to-peer transactions facilitated by the wide network of agents. This means without knowing anything about cryptocurrencies, you can still transfer money whenever and wherever you need as long as agents are available. Since everyone can become a ZeroBank agent, you can easily find an agent near you instantly when you are in need.

With just a smartphone and an Internet connection, you can perform your transaction by a few clicks, without having to go through complicated procedures of current banking systems which take you a lot of time. ZeroBank does it all for you.

#2 — ZB tokens make it easy to exchange money anytime, anywhere

Unlike other systems which use blockchain-based transactions but still rely on the banks or money transfer operators, ZeroBank gives it users a simple process to exchange ZB tokens, or exchange tokens to real cash. It’s direct & instant between individuals and your transaction can be completed without long delay of waiting for the bank’s approval.

By completely removing the presence of the banks between transaction, you are free from depending on the local availability of the banks to exchange your money. All is easily done within ZeroBank system with the same (even higher) level of security.

#3 — ZB tokens are a tradable asset with commission

You can use ZB tokens to trade not only with other ZB token holders, but also on reputable cryptocurrency trading platforms such as BINANCE, HOUBI, OKEX, IDAX, and XSTAR…

ZeroBank users and agent networks are expected to expand quickly. Along with the growth in the number of transactions, this development naturally increases the value of ZeroBank system thanks to the wide acceptance from the community. Trading with ZB tokens is a promising and wise investment. You know you’ll get high profit when holding a cryptocurrency that can grow big ROI overtime. This advantage of ZB tokens would be appealing to all crypto-geeks to hodl ZB token. Any ZB token holders will gain numerous benefits regarding this trustworthy cryptocurrency.

Have you got ZB tokens in your wallet yet?

Our team at ZeroBank understands that token is one of the primary factors in the success of any ICO project. The value of ZB tokens — a crypto-asset — comes from its huge potential uses. Tokens are multi-purpose instruments and ZB tokens, which are highly secure, compatible and resilient, provide you more than an instrument of money exchange — the key to a prosperous investment.

Our Pre-ICO is now open with 15% bonus. And the bonus will end on 25th July 2018.


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