Cool Polymer Clay Art from My Wife!

in handmade •  2 years ago

Today I was busy most of the day. In the meantime, my wife was crafting something quietly... I present to you (drum roll) magnet for the fridge :) As for me, it's perfect!

Crafting process

I wish you success in creativity and true happiness in marriage! :)

Sincerely, TerryCraft.

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Awesome work! You rock!

Nice :)

Стим туземун?))

Hey that's out of this world Cool. Nice work.

Good work! Welcome to me @alex2016

Very very cool! I just found you yesterday @terrycraft and I am already loving what I am seeing. Upvoted and followed!

Whaah ! Very cool. Can you unmix it too?


Sorry, my english not good enough - don't understand your question.

My kids would love this. They are into all sorts of putty.

so cute!!))