Water, Steemit And Ice

in all •  last year


I am the contrails in the sky
Transporting your STEEMIT love to my heart-felt joy

I am those rolling white riffles splashing STEEMIT
Across those ancient glistening granite rocks

I am the warm tingling STEEMIT massage
Sensate-ly refreshing your tired soul

I am that energizing frozen cube OF STEEMIT
That cools that sweet tea you sip on our porch

I am the main VOTING ingredient carrying
Life-giving STEEMIT nutrients to your keen mind

I am the visible STEEMIT rising up
That prepares your scrumptious wild rice tonight

I am those fluffy white STEEMIT clouds high above
That sponge down the dust into the earth

I am that VOTING CORAYION which keeps your Force Five afloat
So you can sail on to your newer dreams

I am your frozen-ed winter delight
Magical crystals spun during the night

I am that drink your ravenous soul desires
Sprinkled grace, His most dear promise-d gift

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@social @farukcom. Let's just Steemit like water Steemit and ice.