The Alkaline Balance of The Blood - The Importance of an Alkaline Lifestyle

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Why is an alkaline lifestyle and diet important? Our body has the ability to tightly regulate the blood PH balance at 7.365.
PH is a measuring unit for how acidic or alkaline something is.
The blood sits at a slightly alkaline level. Soda drinks are down at PH 2, not far from battery acid, while green vegetables are around the same alkalinity as blood, or even a little higher.

So why should we care if the body regulates this itself?
The body will do whatever it can to keep the blood balanced. If it goes down just a tiny bit, our well being is at high risk.
Bad food habits, stress, and toxins will challenge the body's alkalinity.
To deal with acids, the body has to use its own mineral reserves to try and neutralize the acid. The easiest mineral reserve can be extracted from our bones, depriving our skeleton of important components.
Acids often end up as crystals, like the ones you see in these clips.
These crystals can be made up of many different things such as cholesterol, uric acid, adrenaline, and toxic chemicals.
Notice how healthy red blood cells in an alkaline environment looks like and how destroyed they become with the acidity from the crystals!
Low alkalinity can create fungus, bad cell communication, organ stress, brain fog, cell deterioration and contribute to severe health issues.
This has been backed up by Nobel prize winners and scientists for decades.

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