Banana is worth to include on the menu See why?

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Banana is worth to include on the menu.

Nourishing, this fruit is a good source for anyone, since it brings a series of benefits to the organism. Discover here why.

Easy to find and superpractic to eat. Just these two reasons, the banana could already be considered an essential fruit in the mushroom of anyone who wants to make a healthy snack and this anywhere. Plus, beneath its shell, there are many other advantages. To eat, this fruit is rich in calcium, magnesium, selenium and phosphorus, as well as in vitamins A and C. In addition. It is potassium, a mineral known as a great ally in the prevention of muscle cramps. In fact the banana is the second fruit that contains more potassium, losing only to the avocado. And know that this mineral wealth gives you yet another advantage: to favor the good functioning of the heart.

She fornace energy:

Thanks to its high content of potassium, the banana appears with vital food to athletes. This is because, as we have seen, it is capable of eliminating caries problems and also avoiding those unwanted cramps. However, those who practice exercises have one more reason to abuse the fruit. It is an excellent energy source of rapid absorption and easy digestion. So, before the training, ingériela will avoid the erosion of the energy reserves of the body and without regret in the stomach. Another good news is that the banana does not cause constipation. On the contrary, its fibers favor the functioning of the intestine.

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definately worth to include on the menu my man! thank you

A banana é uma excelente fruta para a saúde