Astronomers waiting for the message of the aliens!

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The same question goes back in different quarters, what is the existence of aliens at all? Recently astronomers report that the constellation is very close to the solar system. A star in the constellation GJ 273

Which is only 12 light years away from the solar system. Radio signals have been sent to this constellation. Scientists say that if there are aliens in that constellation, then there will be a response from within the next 25 years. Because the stars are likely to have water. So it is not very surprising because of the life span.

Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence International's (METI) consultant Douglas Vakoch said they are optimistic. A star will come from the constellation. This radio signal has been sent from Norway. Through an antenna. The signal was sent in October last. It took about eight hours to send this signal.

This message was sent to a three-day interval.

Meanwhile, physicist Stephen Hawking warned against the aliens, especially if people moving forward in technologically advanced alien civilization could call it a great danger. Hawking warned in a new online movie titled Stephen Hawking Favorite Places. There, Hawking said that the unexpected first meeting with the indigenous blacks after white Christopher Columbus on foot in America, such things can happen after the first contact with the aliens.

Hawking also said, as soon as I am older, I am more confident than ever that we are not the only ones in the universe. Any civilization can go forward for millions of years before us.

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