B et ween the worlds (New alien/ufo/paranormal web series)

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B et ween the worlds will be a series co-hosted by two alien abductees talking on a monthly basis about their experiences and hopefully, it will inter-relate to some other experiences of others watching the series.

Both James And Karl also had joint mutual ufo sightings on a few occasions.

Part two of this episode can be accessed here


James talks about the Avro Aero in this Introductory episode.

Please if you want to share anything with James or Karl leave a comment or give James an email at [email protected]

You can also send in reports pictures with a story on your sighting to James as well.

To help James out continue to do these videos and keep things flowing please donate to his Patron page, he also does ufo consulting though skype via Patreon plus the perks he will supply you on Patreon for a donation they start at $1 per month. His Patreon is here. https://www.patreon.com/user

From the bottom of James' heart he thanks you all. Please also subscribe, follow and share if you have not already done so and like the video. Thank you.

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