I know sharing other peoples stuff is frowned upon here - I really do not care if I make anything off of it...I just want to share!

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           Hey y'all!

       I really do not have time to write a post tonight. Studying like crazy the next few weeks. I NEEDED a BREAK.
       I busted 
       out a Yoga Ball, did some stretching. As I was curled all the way around this big purple sphere,
       I started thinking how I  have not hugged anyone or had any physical contact at all for a while.
       I found myself 
       hugging and lengthening my spine, 
       I wondered if I resembled a cat wrapped around a ball of yarn or something.

      So just then, I remembered some channeling videos from back in the day... and checked if dude was on youtube. 
     Btw... "channeling" does mean alien communication using humans as a radio.  It's definitely not for everyone  and I 
     not sure how I felt about it when I was introduced to videos of this guy, who channels aliens. 

    Non of that is actually relevant to this post, I just wanted to share something I stumbled on while deliberately 
    procrastinating from studying...kind of like now.

                                   I DUG it... I hope you do too!