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The 'disclosure' of Alien life is looking more likely to happen in 2018, with a huge surge in MSM stories of sightings all across the World. Just recently in Milwaukee, FOX News 6 reported on strange lights in the sky that were later said to be a flock of 'seagulls'. Calling the lights seagulls is like saying the Roswell Crash was actually a weather balloon... Allow 'Alien' info to be leaked every now and then, and then follow up with a ridiculous claim after the 'fact' to further legitimize the original event (which is fake to begin with) NASA also does this from time to time regarding the ISS 'Live Feed'. CGI alien activity is added and then the footage will be 'removed' or feed will be cut to add authenticity to the 'sighting'. Either way, alien greys, I believe, are 'Inter-dimensional demonic entities' that will be used to proclaim the fake Alien Messiah. #CERN, #KINDRED and #DWAVE is already / have already torn the veil, between realms...

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