Alfa-Enzo and its main elements for users in the cryptocurrency world

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Following up the conversation about the project Alfa-Enso it is important to pay attention to the main system elements.

These elements allow users to be a part of the world’s decentralized economy. All participants receive the access to the new generation network EON, new marketplaces and a modern economy community.

How does EON look?

EON is a social blockchain-system which gives participants use economy of the future. Users can earn money daily, do business safety and develop business processes.

EON consists of the following parts:

  • Personal Chains for users;

  • Protocols: Handshake, PoA and Samaritan;

  • Mining for transaction verifying;

  • Atomic Commit.

    These parts are available in the applications:

  1. Alfa is a mobile portal that looks like a messenger. Each user has to go through an identification process before working;

  2. Push is a system for social advertisements that works on the self-serve principle;

  3. Valet is a multi-coin wallet for daily transactions.

More detailed specifics are in the White Paper:

What is the main driving force of the ecosystem?

Token NZO is the main driving force of the system Alfa-Enzo. This coin is intended for all operations on the platform.

First of all this token provides users with the following payment activities:

  1. Digital and physical services which are rendered by users-merchants;

  2. Transaction commissions;

  3. Internal services for DApps and the decentralized repository;

  4. Push-services;

  5. Advertising creations;

  6. Other services.

Concerning these assets you can read the essential information on the primary site:

This element has the very interesting moment. Each user can grow rich with Alfa-Enzo. How should that be done? Participants can help Alfa-Enzo to develop. If the system has a growing number of people then the more transaction volumes ramp up. And the token price will increase thanks to demand.

How can a man join to the ecosystem? It is possible due to the buying tokens NZO during the ICO time.

Focus on ICO

The total token proposal is 21 billion. The team doles out 61% of them on ICO. ICO consists of three parts. Each part has own and common features:

  1. Private part

This part has already finished quite success. The low level of the capitalization was reached (25 million USD).

  1. Pre-ICO

Start – 3rd of August 2018;

End – 15th of November 2018;

Current Price – 0,005 ETH;

  1. Main public part

Start – 16th of November 2018;

End – 30th of December 2018;

Expected Price – 0,01 USD;

Registration is necessary in all cases. The link for it:

The team is expected to reach the capitalization in 100 million USD.

Common conclusion about Alfa-Enzo

Ending the conversation about this project, an obvious conclusion offers itself. The project Alfa-Enzo is very interesting. It has stark differences with other similar projects.

Its advantages consist of the strong technical base, own network and economy, modern security system.

Therefore Alfa-Enzo will be able to create a new economy where the cryptocurrency become a common payment instrument.

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i was reading the roadmap on the site, and it really awsome, has good future for investing

Interesting idea for the project, top-level design as always

I like this project very much, I have been watching it for a long time !!! I believe in its future !!