After Suspending Personal Account Of Alex Jones, Twitter Restricts Infowars As WellsteemCreated with Sketch.

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A week after Facebook suspended Alex Jones' account, Twitter took action against the controversial talk show host.

Twitter suspended Jones' account for violating their terms of service.

This follows actions by Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Apple last week.

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Steemit is one of the few avenues of truth. Media is far too controlled now.

I think that Steemit can be controlled as well, albeit in a much more indirect way. Whereas other sites can just remove you from their platform, a poster and or post on steemit can't be completely removed. However, these posts can still be heavily censured if a group with more money/STEEM chooses to do so. If you go below 0 rep or are constantly heavily downvoted then your posts are practically invisible. As an avenue of truth, steemit is still severely flawed.

Hi, @shidded: Yeah, what you're pointing out is a very real threat. As a Venezuelan I can affirm that one of the ways in which the government censorship is to reduce the visibility of the media that do not follow its editorial line and the news that are uncomfortable for them.

nobody is stoping you to create a steemit2 flavor that shows all posts even from low reputation accounts

Alex Jones has become more popular than before he was banned. Censorship will be Pandora's Box for the left.

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Just a few days before Alex Jones, Peter Van Buren was booted off of Twitter. We had Peter on my show to discuss his thoughts on being censored.

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Zer0hedge, thanks for what you do. I have a newspaper in Italy and frequently we translate in italian your articles.

Steemit = Source of truth ! Keep it up !

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sometime i am very happy to see that, face and twitter policies are equal to each other, simple person and celebrity treated equally. am i right ?

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No sympathy for Alex Jones.

Moron detected ^

Sorry if I offended your delicate feelings snowflake :(.

If only Infowars joins the revolution of crypo and the revolution of steemit, Alex wouldn't be worried so much about exposing the truth the alternative way.

This is where censorship resistance and decentralization comes into picture.

How about some personal analysis instead of pumping this post up?

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