ALEX JONES explains COINTELPRO quite well actually

in alex •  10 months ago

Alex Jones seems to tell us what is coming before it happens. Most of the people who have done this in the past have ended up dead rather quickly, but they have also been relentlessly pursued and harassed as well. Alex on the other hand has a nice house with an in ground pool, drives a nice SUV, his site never seems to go down, and he doesn't seem to get hassled too much. Of course he says he does, but he rarely 'illuminates' us with the details.

What if AJs job is actually to tell us what is coming and thereby blunt the reaction that will result when the event actually takes place; sort of a pre-damage control?

In this video protesters are having a peaceful protest. The organizers are busy with their megaphone explaining calmly why they are there to the crowd that has gathered. Alex shows up and, well here it is. See what you think.

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