The Steisand Effect

in alex-jones •  3 months ago

With an attempt to silence a certain ideology, big tech is making the wrong move. The "Streisand Effect" is a new phenomenon whereas an attempt to remove or censor will have the opposite effect. In this age of instant online access, it just makes this voice louder and more mainstream.Alex-Jones-Censorship-Snapchat.png

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I guess we'll know soon enough! This will be an interesting case study for sure. I'm curious to see if someone like him can retain their audience totally outside of the mainstream social media sites.

Does someone at his size / popularity even need those platforms?

Can be build his own? (And if not on his own site, where will he go?)

I know some youtubers like Stefan Molyneux run Steemit accounts as well for their content, I wonder if he'd be open to being more active on this site too.


Yeah...hopefully better than Glenn Beck's "The Blaze."
I heard Pornhub may make a "non-porn" version of their sight for people who get banned on YouTube.


Oh yeah that would be a wild turn of events if that actually takes off haha

good. Let them make all the mistakes in the world. If Alex only gets bigger after this whole kerfuffle is said and done then that's good in my opinion at least


I disagree with Alex Jones on many things...though people should use their own intellect and make up their own minds. You can't "erase" something from the internet.