Update: Mobile Legends Bang Bang with Aldous

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Hey everyone!! This here is another update for my Mobile Legends journey. As I have said earlier in my previous blog post, Aldous, my new favorite hero has made my mobile playing quite exciting. With the right equipment build, I can easily get MVPs.


Aldous is a figher, but then, using a fighter emblem is not quite ideal for him. I use the assasin emblem. Aldous needs to be a bit stronger when it comes to his physical attack. An assasin emblem would be a great choice for him.


I was testing each and every emblem that would fit him until finally, this is what I get. Anyway, choosing the right emblem is important because if somebody ever chooses the wrong one, any hero would be enjoying a massive amount of consecutive deaths during any battle which basically means you're doing it wrong.

So, were done with emblem configuration in playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang with Aldous. Now it's time for setting up Aldous' battle build equipment.


During the early battle, I would usually choose to buy him shoes for a faster movement with his first physical defense, The Warrior Boots.


For Aldous' physical attack, I chose this, Endless Battle equipment build with +65 physical attack and 15% physical lifesteal. Whenever I gain this equipment, Aldous would always get to play better and earn more money for buying more equipment builds.


I guess these are the basics for Aldous. Other equipment suitable for him are down below.

Malefic Roar. +60 Physical Attack

Berserker's Fury. +65 Physical Attack and 25% Crit Chance.

Thunder Belt. +40 Physical Defense.

Brute Firce Breastplate. +45 Physical defense.

Complete this equipment build and Aldous will become invincible.

Note: Aldous is weak during the early battle so the best way to do is kill as many enemy minions as possible. The higher his stacks the stronger he becomes.

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