Any Meal or Drink That Has The Propensity to Leave You Insulted Should Be Avoided

in #alcoholism3 years ago

Mirrors are bold! They are not scared of anyone or anything. Not only are they bold, they are also very honest in their feedbacks.

So, I woke up this particular morning without any intent to consult the mirror for it's honest and bold judgement of my almost three decades old face but then, I remembered too many persons were unusually staring at me the previous day.


Of course I've gotten use to people "looking up to me" thanks to my height but you know when people stare, then there could be shit clinging to your forehead.

But these people staring are not as bold as my mirror because while I held my mirror and it stared at me, my mirror told me "boy, I'm not like them that didn't tell you what is wrong, you need to visit the barbershop".

And so I went to the barbing salon. Right there at the door post of the beauty salon, I, like a well cultured son of his father greeted an "elder" who, as at that time of the day was reeling with popular drink "ogogoro" ( dry gin).

That he was intoxicated with that drink made me sad but what got me pissed the more was instead of responding to my salutations, he reached out for his wallet and brought out someone else's identity card, looked at it, waved it to me and said "with this one, I fit enter everywhere for this town" apparently responding to my greeting.

I didn't say a word. The few persons around felt as disappointed as I was. He is someone that should be respected at least for his age but he is making it so difficult to respect him just for a supposed enjoyment.

I believe any meal or drink that has the propensity to leave you insulted, should be avoided.