How to quickly sober up?

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~ how to quickly sober up after alcohol ~

Sometimes it happens that we drink more at the party than we would like. We feel that we are drunk, we barely stick to our feet. You need to get sober quickly to avoid an argument at home or we just have to get up in the morning and do some important things - which we will not be able to do on a big hangover. You can not sigh quickly, but there are several ways to speed up the process.
To quickly sober up, it is good to vomit first. Thanks to this, the recently drunk alcohol will not be able to get to our blood and hence - we will not be even drunker than at the present time.

  • At the moment when you think that you have overdone with alcohol, drink a few glasses of water. Alcohol is diuretic, therefore it drains our body very much. First of all, drinking a few glasses of water will brighten up our mind during intoxication - it will drain the alcohol out of our body faster. Secondly, we will not feel this terrible headache the next day. The more water you drink the better you feel (if you have 5 beers - drink at least 5 glasses of water).

  • Take a cold shower. Low temperature will stimulate your senses and slowly get out of alcoholic amok and dullness. Remember that the shower must be really cold. This is not a nice experience but it works.

  • Excellent results are the consumption of glucose. However, you should get it in the pharmacy earlier. Glucose will help quickly regenerate your body. In hospitals, very drunk people give glucose intravenously.

  • You can drink a few glasses of orange juice, for example. Vitamin C contained in it and fructose will help your liver metabolize alcohol faster. Fructose is one of the best means of accelerating the transformation (burning) of alcohol.

  • Eat something. Choose products rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Alcohol kills all energy reserves, which should be topped up as soon as possible. Usually, after drinking alcohol, we feel hungry - this is because our body requires some fuel, thanks to which it will have the strength to quickly regenerate your body.

What are your ways for quick cure?

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