5 Ways a Smart Alarm System Can Lower Your Summer Electric Bill

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According to Energy Star, it costs about half of your electric bill to heat and cool your home all year round. In warmer climates, cooling takes a larger portion of your energy costs. You can enlist several items to help keep these costs in check, including a smartest alarm system with all of its beneficial features.      

Smartest alarm systems have many features that you can enable to save you a large amount of money on your electric bill in the sweltering summer heat.

Energy Management

Your smartest alarm system is better than just an updated thermostat for saving you money on your utilities. It connects your lighting and thermostats to your security system to manage your energy efficiently. You can choose an automated schedule to match your entire family’s schedule upon arriving and leaving your home. You can choose to have the thermostat turned up in the summer upon automating your security system and then have it turned down to cool your home at a certain time before anyone arrives home so it is cool again. You can also automate your all of the lights in your home to turn off when you leave your home and set the alarm system to save even more energy.   The Smartest Alarm Energy Control can also measure your energy usage for you, so you will easily be able to see how much you are saving on your utility bills each month. You may select to activate the preprogrammed energy savings or make your own unique schedule to better suit your needs.   

Enlisting the Contact Sensors 

Your home alarm system operates through a series of sensors on the doors and windows to notify you immediately if someone opens a window or door while the system is armed. These sensors also help you to save energy. If a door is not closed tightly when a family member leaves, it can eventually open up by air circulation inside your home or a breeze outside your home. Your smartest system sends you a message to you cell phone immediately when a door opens after it is armed. This allows you to realize that your A/C may be cooling the entire neighborhood and working overtime. You can close the door thorough your alarm system to save energy.   

Using the Weather Alerts

Your smartest alarm system issues weather alerts to your smartphone already, so why not use that in your quest to save energy? On a day in the summer when it will be extremely hot, the weather service will issue a heat advisory to your phone. If you synchronize this to your thermostat, you can save energy costs. For example, if the heat index is over 100 and you leave your settings the same as on any other summer day, then your home will most likely not be cool enough to be comfortable when you arrive home due to the thermostat setback that was enabled when you left home. This function allows you to choose a bit cooler setting while you are away, and begin cooling longer before you arrive home so you’re A/C unit doesn’t run for extended periods to make your home comfortable.   

Use Your Geo-Fencing Feature

You can set up your geo-fencing feature on your smartest alarm system to set a radius around your home. When your smartphone either enters or exits the radius, you can set up alerts to arm or disarm your system if you forgot to. So, if you leave and don’t arm your system on accident, this will remind you to set the alarm and the lighting and thermostat programs will be enabled immediately. This feature can also notify you that you left the garage door open when you are in a hurry to leave. An attached garage that is left open fills with heat and can affect your energy usage in the home.   

Stay on Top of Technology

You can also be alerted if the temperature in your home is too high or too low, which is an indication that your HVAC system is not operating properly and needs servicing. Alerts can be issue if someone enters the home and adjusts the thermostat. Simply issue a lockout on the thermostat so no one can adjust the thermostat except yourself from your phone.   Using the smartest alarm system to manage your energy savings is an easy task. You can even sign up for daily or weekly summaries to see your energy savings and make comparisons to make educated changes to your system for maximum efficiency. Energy Star states that using a programmable thermostat alone can save you up to $180 per year in energy costs, so imagine how much more you can save with all of the smartest alarm tools at your fingertips.  

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