Akropolis: The Alternative Pensions Infrastructure Based On The Blockchain Technology

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Hello friends, we would like to mention a progressive project powered by the blockchain technology which offers robust solutions to existing issues related to pensions all over the world. As the global trends and needs of the people in different countries have been changing exponentially with the effects and outcomes of the information age and globalization, some of the regulations and arrangements are not able to follow the recent developments as well as requirements. Inadequacy and imperfection of the current pension systems across the world constitute a significant illustration because the pension systems are not able to support after retirement and satisfy people. The recent research findings demonstrate that almost half of the seniors do not have access to pension funds, and retirement savings in the world. Similarly, global retirement savings gap has been increasing tremendously in the last decades. Although issues regarding pension systems lead to severe challenges to the significant number of people, it is not possible to find robust solutions due to the unreliable and inaccurate nature of the current pension systems. At this point, the visionary and enthusiastic Akropolis team introduces the alternative pensions infrastructure utilizing the blockchain technology. As the Acropolis means upper city-the most significant part of a city in the Greek language, Akropolis aims to fulfill participants’ needs defending its own community with the help of the innovative and game-changing technology.       

Akropolis offers a reliable, secure, transparent and immutable pension fund infrastructure that will change and redesign the general understanding of investment and savings with the help of the smart contracts. The sophisticated Akropolis platform will overcome the pitfalls and challenges of the pensions industry promoting the multi-jurisdictional characteristic. Thus, participants of the platform will be able to take advantage of secure and transparent delivery of pensions and forthcoming welfare. While the current pension systems are not able to provide real-life solutions because of the baseless or old-fashioned predictions, Akropolis presents the comprehensive protocol focusing on the actual needs and lifestyle of the people all around the world. Akropolis protocol will welcome and attract consumers, developers, industry advisors, service providers as well as institutions. The Akropolis intends to build a robust alternative pensions platform promoting decentralization and blockchain technology, and participants will contribute to the further growth of the platform. Therefore, the Akropolis will address the needs and requests of the people as the development and spread of the decentralized pensions infrastructure will depend on the mutual relationship between the platform and the community.    

The Akropolis offers incredible solutions to current issues in the pensions sector building a decentralized pensions platform eliminating the possible risks and strengthening the community with the help of the blockchain technology.      

Recently Akropolis team has announced that they are partnering up with the Multichain Asset Managers Association (MAMA). This engagement proves that Akropolis prioritizes the transparency, security as well as liability in creating the decentralized platform.       

Token Sale  

Akropolis introduces the ERC-20 Ethereum compliant AKT tokens that will be used within the alternative pensions infrastructure. Holders will benefit from the services available in the platform and take advantage of the further growth of the company.     

Social Links  

Website: https://akropolis.io/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akropolisio/  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/akropolisio 

Telegram: https://t.me/akropolis_official  

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/akropolis-io/ 

Github: https://github.com/akropolisio 

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